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"Translating is our Passion."

translations4u.de was founded in October 1999 by Matthias Marquardt, Managing Director.
At that time the company's main office was located in Heidelberg, Germany - home of the world-renowned Ruprecht-Karls University. Matthias Marquardt is one of its graduates: the diploma grade "Akademisch geprüfter Übersetzer" was conferred on him in November 2000.
In the company's first year, i.e. before the Mr Marquardt's graduation, the business activities concentrated on bringing together qualified translators and clients on commission fee basis. The contacts to Irish translators that had been established while Mr Marquardt studied in Dublin (9 months) at Dublin City University have been the cornerstone of this business.
In October 2001 translations4u.de moved to Weimar, Germany in order to be closer to our clients. By that time translations4u.de - in association with various outsourced translators - focused on all kinds of technical translations and documentation as well as on the translation of official (state) documents.
Our philosophy is to provide translations of the highest quality that make our client feel good, for: "Translating is our passion."